Milan Duomo & Last Supper Tours

Milan Duomo & Last Supper Tours

Plan Your Visit

Why book in advance?

The Duomo is the symbol of Milan and a must see for anyone visiting the city. Given its popularity, the line at the ticket office can be very long, especially on weekends and in high season. Therefore, buying your ticket online in advance is highly recommended as it will allow you to skip the long lines and save you precious time on your holiday.

Which Duomo ticket to buy

The Duomo is divided into a number of different areas. For some areas you will need to buy a specific ticket in order to gain access, while for other areas this is not the case. The 5 main areas of the Duomo for which you need to buy a ticket are as follows:

  1. The Duomo Cathedral
  2. The Rooftop (aka terraces)
  3. The Museum
  4. The Archaeological Area
  5. The San Gottardo Church

There are different ticket options you can choose from and each combines different areas together. Here’s the list of the most popular ticket options available with a small description of each:

    Duomo Pass by Lift (aka Duomo Pass A) - this ticket gives you access to all areas of the Duomo. It allows you to access the rooftop by elevator instead of having to take the stairs. An optional audio guide is available for a small additional cost.

    Duomo Pass by Stairs (aka Duomo Pass B) - this ticket also give you access to all areas, but access to the rooftop is by stairs instead of the elevator. Likewise, an optional audio guide is available for a small additional cost.

    Ticket for the Duomo & the Museum (aka Culture Pass) - This gives you access to all areas of the Duomo, except for the rooftop.

    Rooftop Ticket this only provides access to the rooftop. You can choose between the stairs and the elevator option. The elevator option costs a little more but you will avoid the 250 steps.

Take a tour

Another way to experience the Milan Duomo is to take a tour. Your expert guide will tell you about the magnificent architectural features of the cathedral, the artwork contained within and the historical context. It’s fun, informative and well worth paying a bit more than the standard entrance ticket. We offer a number of top tours which will not disappoint.
To have the full Milan experience, consider booking a combo tour. This includes a visit of the Duomo, to the Last Supper and other top sights in Milan. It’s a good way to see Milan’s top sights of the historical center of Milan in a few hours, accompanied by detailed descriptions from your guide.

Best time to visit the Duomo

Try to visit the Duomo as early in the morning as possible. This is the ideal time to visit as you will be able to explore the duomo in more solitude than at other times of day. It’s also a perfect time to take pictures as the sun rises behind the cathedral.
If you don't mind visiting the Duomo when it’s busier, consider going for sunset. The sunset from the rooftop is stunning. You will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over Milan against the backdrop of the alps.

Good to know

  • Since it is a church there is a strict dress code. No shorts or sleeveless shirts allows. Shoulders and knees must be covered for both men and women.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the Duomo.
  • Large bags as they are not permitted and there is no storage on site.
  • Although there is an elevator, unfortunately the rooftop area is not accessible by wheelchair.

Opening Hours

Cathedral: 8am - 7pm

Duomo Museum: 10am - 6pm (closed Wednesdays)

San Gottardo Church: 10am - 6pm (closed Wednesdays)

Rooftop: 9am - 7pm (summer hours from 9th May - September 13th: 9am to 9:30pm)

Archaeological Area: 9am - 7pm

Last time to purchase tickets for all areas is 1 hour before closing time

Last entrance for all areas is 50 mins before closing time