Isla Mágica Tickets

Isla Mágica Tickets

Isla Magica Ticket & Visiting Information

Why book your Ticket for Isla Magica online and in advance?

Booking your ticket online in advance is highly recommended as tickets tend to sell out fast.
Isla Magica is very popular and the number of daily visitors is limited so it’s very common to find no ticket availability on the day you wanted to visit. Also, tickets purchased in advance and online are cheaper than same day tickets. So, if you want to guarantee your visit make sure to book in advance!

Isla Magica Tickets

With your Isla Mágica ticket you can attend all shows and enter all 6 theme areas of the Isla Mágica theme park:

  1. Sevilla Puerto de Indias
  2. Puerta de América
  3. La Guarida de los Piratas
  4. La Fuente de la Juventud
  5. El Dorado
  6. Amazonia
You can also add access to the Agua Mágica, the fantastic water park of Isla Magica.
You don't need to print your ticket since you can store it conveniently on your smartphone.
When you buy your ticket you will be prompted to select a date for your visit - your ticket is only valid for that day.

How much does the Isla Magica ticket cost?

The price of the Isla Magic ticket depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. If you buy a full day ticket or an afternoon ticket. Afternoon tickets are slightly cheaper.
  2. If you buy your ticket online or at the ticket office. Online tickets are always cheaper than tickets bought directly at the ticket office.
  3. If you buy your ticket in advance or on the same day of your visit. Tickets bought in advance are cheaper than tickets bought on the day of your visit.
  4. If you want to visit only Isla Magica or also Agua Mágica. The combo ticket for Isla Magica and Agua Magica is more expensive than the entry ticket for Isla Magica.
  5. How old you are. Children and seniors pay less than adults.

Isla Magica Ticket prices

Tickets bought online & in advanced cost:

Isla Magica Tickets Full Day Afternoon
Adult €24 €22
Child / Senior €18 €15
Person with Disability €13 €10

Isla Mágica & Agua Mágica Combo Ticket Full Day
Adult €28
Child / Senior €26
Person with Disability €21

  • In order to take advantage of these reduced prices, tickets need to be purchased at least a day before your visit
  • There are only full day options available for Isla Magica and Agua Mágica combo tickets.
  • If you buy the combo ticket for Isla Magica and Auga Magica you will have to visit both areas on the same day.

Tickets bought online & on the same day of your visit cost:

Isla Magica Tickets Full Day Afternoon
Adult €26 €23
Child / Senior €20 €16
Person with Disability €13 €10

Isla Mágica & Agua Mágica Combo Ticket Full Day
Adult €30
Child / Senior €28
Person with Disability €21

Tickets bought at the ticket office cost:

Isla Magica Tickets Full Day Afternoon Night
Adult €35 €23 €11
Child / Senior €22 €16 €11
Person with Disability €13 €10 €10

Isla Mágica & Agua Mágica Combo Ticket Full Day
All ages €9

Ticket Age Groups:

  • Adults: visitors between the age of 11 and 59 years old or visitors taller than 135 cm.
  • Child: children between the age of 4 and 10 years old or children taller than 100 cm.
  • Senior: visitors older than 60 years old.
  • Free entrance: children younger than 4 years old or children smaller than 100 cm.
  • People with disabilities need to show valid documentation at the entrance.

Online Special Promotions

The following promotions are only available for tickets purchased online:

  • People who were born in Seville or who live in Seville pay even less for their online ticket. In order to be able to enter with the discount ticket they need to show a valid ID to the staff at the entrance.
  • Large Family discount - visitors in possession of the large family card enjoy a 33% discount on the individual full day ticket.
  • Friday Afternoon Discount - every Friday the afternoon ticket costs 13 euro if the ticket was booked in advance and 14 euro if the ticket was bought on the same day. The ticket price is the same for all ages.

How to get to Isla Magica?

Isla Magica is located on the Isla de la Cartuja and is easily reached from the city center of Seville.
The main entrance is located in Rotonda Isla Mágica (Isla de la Cartuja), 41092 Seville

    Getting there by Bus: From the city center of Seville you can take the C3 bus line, departing from either Plaza de Armas or Prado de San Sebastián.

    Arriving to Seville by train: If you arrive by train you can take the bus line C2. The C2 stops right in front of the train station as well as at the Isla Magica entrance.

    Getting there from the Sevilla San Pablo Airport - the airport is located very close to the center of Seville and only 15 minutes from Isla Magica by taxi or car. Alternatively, you could take a bus from the airport to the Santa Justa train station, then from train station take bus line C2 to Isla Magica.

Isla Magica Opening Hours

Summer Schedule (18/06/21 - 12/09/21):

  • Full Day: 12:00 – 23:00
  • Afternoon: from 17:00
  • Night: from 20:00

Spring Schedule:

  • Full Day: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Afternoon: from 14:00

Spring/Autumn Schedule:

  • Full Day: 12:00 – 22:00
  • Afternoon: from 16:00

For more detailed opening hours visit the official website.