Movieland Park Tickets

Movieland Park Tickets

Movieland Park Tickets & Ticket Prices
To visit Movieland Park you need to buy your ticket in advance, which at the moment, can only be purchased online.
Your Movieland Park ticket is valid for one day and gives you priority entry into the park and unlimited access to all rides, rollercoasters, live shows, interactive games, and themed areas. Your Smartphone ticket can be cancelled for free up to 24 hours before your visit.
After you booked your ticket online you will be sent a link. With this link you will be able to reserve your actual visit date and the time slot of your visit.

The price of your Movieland Park ticket depends on your height. Tickets cost:

  • 28 euro for visitors taller than 140cm
  • 22 euro for visitors between the height of 100 cm and 140cm
  • Visitors shorter than 100 cm can visit the park for free and don’t need a fix date ticket
How to get to the Movieland Park from Verona

    By Car: take the SP5 and the SS12 to Via Fossalta 56, 37017 in Fossalta

    By Train: take a regional train from the Verona Central Station (Verona Porta Nuova) going towards Milan and get off at the get Peschiera del Garda stop. From there take the 467 Bus to Fossalta.

    By Bus: take the bus 164 from the Central Station of Verona toward Garda and get off at Fossalta.

    Free Shuttles: there are free shuttles leaving from the train station of Peschiera del Garda as well as from the main campaigns location at the Garda Lake.

Movieland Park Hours

  • Movieland Park is open every day. The opening hours vary based on the season.
  • Park’s Opening Hours in August: