Colosseum FAQs

Colosseum FAQs

Ticket Related Questions:

Do you need a ticket to visit the Colosseum?
How to buy Colosseum tickets?

    Tickets are available both online and at the Colosseum ticket office. There are many advantages to buying your ticket online in advance. Online tickets are great because they are provided as convenient smartphone tickets. They also grant fast track entry so you won’t need to lose time standing in line. You will also be able to reserve your entry time so you can visit on the day and time of your choice.

What does a Colosseum ticket include?

    This depends on the type of ticket you choose. There are a number of different options. The Standard Colosseum Ticket includes skip the line access to the Colosseum's first and second tiers, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. However, it does not include access to the Arena floor or the Belvedere.

How much does a Colosseum ticket cost?

    Ticket Prices range from 14 to 35 euro. The prices vary based on what you want to see. For more information see our Colosseum Ticket Guide.

Should I purchase my Colosseum ticket in advance?

    Yes, it’s highly recommended! Online tickets not only allow you to skip the lines at the ticket office, which are infamously long, but they also guarantee your entry into the Colosseum. Tickets sell out and they sell out fast. So online and advanced booking is highly recommended - especially in high season. We would advise you to buy your ticket as soon as you decide when you want to visit the Colosseum, this is the best way to guarantee entry.

What is the cheapest Colosseum ticket option?

    The cheapest ticket options is the Afternoon Skip the Line Ticket which gives access during the afternoon only to the Colosseum first and second tier as well as the Arena Floor. It also allows you to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

How long are the lines at the Colosseum?

    The lines at the ticket office can be very long. In high season you can expect to wait up to 2 hours. The security check line is much shorter and should take a maximum of 15 minutes. Because of the long lines we recommend buying your ticket online.

How to skip the lines at the Colosseum?

    All tickets purchased online give you skip the line access to the Colosseum. The Roma Pass and the Omnia Pass also grant you fast track entry. Alternatively, you can book one of the many tours available as all tours include priority entry. Buying “skip the line access” is absolutely worth it as it saves you valuable time, since the lines at the ticket office are usually very long.

Can children skip the line at the Colosseum?

    Children under the age of 18 can visit the Colosseum for free. They can skip the line with an adult if they pay 2 euro for the skip the line access.

Which Colosseum ticket to buy?

    What ticket to buy depends on what you want to see when visiting the Colosseum and also depends on your budget. The cheapest online ticket gives you skip the line entry to the Colosseum, but only allows you to visit the 1st and 2nd tiers. If you wish to visit the entire Colosseum you will need to book the guided tour as the Belvedere and Underground are only accessible with a tour guide. This is more expensive than a standard ticket but is great value as you will be able to visit all of the interesting areas of the Colosseum and learn about the history.

Can you visit the Colosseum with the Roma pass?

    Yes, the Roma Pass provides skip the line access to the Colosseum. However, you will need to reserve your day and time slot for the Colosseum. There are three ways to reserve your entry with the card:

      1) Online on the official website
      2) Call the call center (nr: 0639967575)
      3) Go to the Roman Forum - Palatine ticket offices on the day of the visit

What is the best Vatican & Colosseum combo ticket?

    The Omnia pass is the best combo ticket which includes both the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. It has a validity of 72 hours and also includes a free Hop-on-Hop-off bus pass.

What to do when the Colosseum ticket is sold out?

    When the standard Colosseum ticket is sold out you still have a number of options to get into the Colosseum. For example, you might still find available a ticket with an audioguide or video guide. These cost a bit more and don’t tend to sell out as fast as standard tickets. Alternatively, you can book a tour. There are many different tour options available also at reasonable prices.

Visiting Colosseum Related Questions:

What to see in the Colosseum?

    There are 4 main areas in the Colosseum: the first and second tiers, the Arena, the Belvedere and the Underground. Check our Colosseum Ticket Guide and Plan Your Visit articles for more information.

Can you visit the Colosseum for free?

    The Colosseum is free to all visitors on the first Sunday of the month from October through March. However, be prepared to wait in a very long line. Go as early as possible.
    While, free access is always available to children under the age of 18, people with a disability (with a caretaker) and those with a combo pass (such as the Rome City Pass or Omnia Pass).

How long does it take to visit the Colosseum?

    The time spent inside the Colosseum depends on what you are planning to see. If you buy a standard skip the line ticket, which gives access to the first and second tier, allocate at least 2 hours for your Colosseum visit. Plus 15-30 mins for the security check line. It is also worth spending a half hour walking around the arena to enjoy the architecture from outside and to take some pictures from various vantage points (a good spot is above the metro station).

What is the best way to see the Colosseum?

    The best way to see the Colosseum is to plan in advance. Buy your tickets online to avoid the line at the ticket office and avoid unnecessary stress. Better yet, book a tour which allows you to visit restricted areas and you can learn a great deal about the Colosseum from your guide.

When is the best time to visit the Colosseum?

    To avoid the crowds, especially in the high season, go at least 30 minutes before opening. Alternatively go about 1-2 hours before closing when the crowds start to dwindle. Closing time changes through the year - it always closes an hour before sunset. During the low season, between November and February, week days are the best day to visit as they are less crowded than weekends. The exception is the Christmas holidays season which is just as crowded as the high season every day of the week.

Is the Colosseum Wheelchair Accessible?

    The Colosseum is mostly accessible by wheelchair. The ground floor is directly accessible from the wheelchair access entrance and the second floor is also reachable with the elevator. Unfortunately, the upper tiers and the underground do not provide wheelchair access.

How to get to the Colosseum?

    The Colosseum is easy to reach. The metro stops right in front of the Colosseum - as do numerous public and hop-on-hop-off buses. Given its central location it is also easily reachable by foot or with a short taxi ride.

When is the Colosseum Open?

    The Colosseum is open every day except for Christmas Day and New Years Day. The opening hours vary depending on the month of the year. In general, the Colosseum opens at 8:30am and closes one hour before sunset.

Is Visiting the Rome Colosseum worth it?

    Yes yes yes! Visiting the Colosseum is a once in a lifetime experience. Its beauty and historic importance is unparalleled and is a must see if you are visiting Rome.

Is the Colosseum Underground Worth it?

    Yes, the Colosseum Underground is an incredible experience and well worth the extra cost (you can only visit it with a tour guide). There is something spookily unique about being in the same tunnels where the gladiators, exotic animals and slaves awaited their fate in the arena above.

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