Aquafelix Tickets

Aquafelix Tickets

Aquafelix Ticket Information

Enjoy a day of fun at one of Italy’s best Water Parks, located just an hour away from Rome.
Buy your Aquafelix ticket online. Tickets purchased online are much cheaper than tickets bought at the ticket office. Online tickets cost 15 euro instead of 21 euro. But online tickets need to be purchased at least one day before your visit. Same day tickets can only be purchased at Aquafelix ticket.

Aquafelix Online Ticket Prices

Aquafelix tickets cost:

  • 15 euro for visitors taller than 130cm
  • 1 euro for visitors between 100cm and 130cm of height
  • Entry is free for all visitors smaller than 100cm

Aquafelix Opening Hours

Aquafelix is open everyday of the week from 10 to 18:30.
The Waterpark is only open during the summer. It opens in mid June and stays open until the first week of September.