Disneyland Paris FAQs

Disneyland Paris FAQs

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Disneyland Paris Ticket Related Questions

How to buy tickets for Disneyland Paris?

    You can buy tickets online or directly at the gate of Disneyland Paris. Buying your tickets online is always recommended as your online ticket gives you skip the line access and costs (usually) less. For more information read out Disneyland Paris Ticket Guide.

What Disneyland Paris ticket should i buy?

    What ticket you should buy depends on a number of factors. Including if you want to visit one or both parks, how many days you are planning on spending in Disneyland Paris, if you want a ticket include round trip transportation from central Paris.

How much does the Disneyland Ticket cost?

    There is no “simple answer to this”. Just like for your decision of what ticket to buy also the price of the ticket depends on a number of variables. The ticket price mainly depends on if you want to visit one or two parks, stay for one or more days, the day of the year you want to visit, if you want to include transportation.

Can i buy Disneyland tickets directly at the gate?

    Yes, you can. However, buying tickets online is not only easy, safe and gives you skip the line entry to the parks they also cost less than tickets bought at the gate. So you should book online and enjoy a stress free visit.

What is the Fastpass

    The Fastpass is a free service offered by Disneyland Paris and is included in every Disney ticket. It’s a fantastic way to save time as it allows you to reserve a time slot for some of the most popular rides without needing to stand in line.

What is the Disneyland Mini ticket?

    Mini ticket is the cheapest ticket option available for Disneyland Paris. It is only available for online purchase and gives you entry to the Park during offseason dates. Read our Ticket Guide to find out more about the Mini ticket as well as about the Magic ticket and Super Magic ticket.

What is the Disneyland Magic ticket?

    The Magic Ticket, just like the Mini ticket, can only be purchased online. It costs a bit more than the Mini ticket but at the same time with it you can visit Disneyland Paris on more dates.

What is the Disneyland Super Magic ticket?

    The Super Magic ticket can be bought online as well as directly at the ticket office. It’s the most expensive ticket option available but it’s also the only ticket option that lets you visit Disneyland Paris on every day of the year, including the most popular holidays like Halloween and Christmas. The Super Magic ticket is valid for one year.

Do Children need a ticket for Disneyland?

    Children under the age of 3 can visit Disneyland Paris for free. While children between the age of 3 and 11 need a ticket but these cost less than the adult tickets. Children of 12 years old and older will pay as much as adults .

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