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Disneyland Paris Tickets

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Disneyland Paris Ticket Options

There are numerous ticket options available for Disneyland Paris. The main differences between the tickets lies in how many parks you want to visit, for how many days you want to visit, and if you want your ticket to include transportation from central Paris. Below we list the most popular ticket options and summarize what they include:

    Disneyland Paris 1 Day & 1 Park Ticket: this ticket provides one day skip the line access to one of the two parks. You will have to choose between the Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park.

    Disneyland Paris 1 Day & 2 Park Ticket: this ticket is valid for one day and gives you skip the line access to both Disneyland parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

    Disneyland Paris Multi-Day Entrance Ticket: this ticket is valid for two, three or four days, depending on the option selected and gives you skip the line access to both parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

    Disneyland Paris Express Tickets and Shuttle Transport: this skip the line ticket is valid for one and you can choose between visiting one or two parks. It also includes round trip transportation from the center of Paris.

What is the Disneyland Fastpass?

The fastpass is a time-saving service offered by Disneyland Paris for free. The fastpass saves you precious time by allowing you to reserve a 30-minute window for certain attractions without having to stand in the long lines. You can reserve your ride for the next available time, then just show up when it's your turn. It’s basically a skip the line ticket for the attraction you reserved a time slot for.

How much do Disneyland Paris Ticket Cost?

How much your Disneyland Paris ticket costs depends on a few factors, which include:

  • Where you buy your ticket: tickets bought online are mostly cheaper than tickets bought at the gate at Disneyland Paris. For more information about this read our Ticket Guide for Disneyland Paris.

  • Length of your visit: The more days you stay, the more expensive your ticket will be. There is, however, a cost advantage to multi day tickets. The more days for which it is valid, the less the cost per day.

  • Number of parks you visit: visiting one park is cheaper than visiting both, but the ticket for two parks is cheaper than if you were to buy two individual tickets for each park.

  • The day of your visit: In order to balance demand between low and high season, Disneyland varies the ticket prices accordingly. They have three price categories for online tickets: the mini ticket, the magic ticket and the super magic ticket. The mini ticket is the cheapest ticket option and the super magic ticket is the most expensive ticket option. Where the mini and magic tickets can only be purchased online, while the super magic ticket can be bought online or at Disneyland's ticket office.

In the table below we compare the online ticket prices for “one-day one-park ticket” with the “one-day two-park ticket”.

Ticket Options: Mini Ticket Magic Ticket Super Magic Ticket
One Day, One Park Ticket €59 €79 €89
One Day, Two Park Ticket €79 €99 €109

While, the table below displays the ticket prices of Disney tickets sold directly at the ticket office:

Ticket Options: Adult Child
1 Day, 1 Park Ticket €89 €82
1 Day, 2 Park Ticket €109 €102
2 Day, 2 Park Ticket €179 €165
3 Day, 2 Park Ticket €219 €201
4 Day, 2 Park Ticket €259 €238

  • Note that tickets sold at the ticket office cost as much as the super magic ticket, independently of the day of the week and/or season of the year

Discounted Tickets for Disneyland Paris

  • Children under 3 can visit Disneyland Paris for free.
  • Children between 3 - 11 years old pay a discounted price.

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