Disneyland Paris Visiting Tips

Disneyland Paris Visiting Tips

Time to get excited! You’ve just booked your trip to Disneyland Paris, and now it's time to plan. Planning ahead can save you time, money, and make your overall experience smooth and without a hassle. Here’s what we recommend you do before you go:

Buy your Disneyland Paris Tickets Online

Buying your Disneyland Paris tickets online will save you money. Online tickets, with the exception of the Super Magic Ticket, are cheaper than tickets purchased directly at Disneyland Paris. Also, having already purchased your tickets in advance you will be able to skip the long lines at the ticket office, thus saving you time. For more information about this and Disneyland tickets in general read our Ticket Guide.

Tips on how to avoid the crowds at Disneyland Paris

No one likes crowds when they’re on vacation, and if you plan your trip right, you can avoid them! Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid crowds and long waits, and spend more time having fun with friends and family.

    Visit During Off-Peak Times: Due to the high demand in the summer, fall, weekends, and holidays, it is best to visit between January and May (Low Season), mid-week. This will ensure that you spend less time waiting in lines, find a table more easily at the many great restaurants, and allow you to see and do more during your visit!

    Book Your Trip Online: One big factor that can slow you down, especially during busy times at the park, is waiting in line for tickets at the gate. You can avoid this (and save €!) by purchasing all of your tickets online in advance. Buy them, print them or save them as an e-ticket, scan at the entrance, and walk right in.

    Get a FASTPASS: This is a fantastic way to save time, and ensure you don’t wait to get on Disneyland Paris’ many busy attractions. With your FASTPASS, each ticket holder can insert their ticket into the FASTPASS machine at selected rides. You will then be provided with a timed entry ticket granting you immediate access via the FASTPASS line at that specific time. This will allow you to check out other attractions and continue to enjoy the park rather than wait in line. Think of this as a “virtual line”, if you will.

    Download the App: Disneyland Paris has a fantastic app you can use from your smart device which gives you detailed information about the attractions in the park, real time information on current waiting times and how far they are from your current location. This helps you plan ahead, regardless of where you are in the park, and will save you a lot of time over the course of the day.

    Go Early: The early bird sure does catch the worm when it comes to theme parks, and Disneyland Paris is no different. Both parks at Disneyland Paris open at 10am. Crowds are significantly smaller right after the park opens, especially on the bigger, more popular attractions. We recommend visiting the most popular ones early in the morning, even if you have a fastpass. As the parks fill up the lines become longer and the rides and attractions more busy.

Before You Go

    Have a Game Plan: Take a bit of time and plan out, as best you can, which rides, shows, and other attractions you’d like to see during your time at Disneyland Paris. Make a list, then see how you can fit in each item the most efficiently into your timeframe and budget.

    Wear Comfortable Clothes: Part of creating a good plan is making sure you’re comfy while at the park. Look up the weather for the time of year (or specific dates) you’ll be visiting, and dress to be outside for most of each day you spend at the parks. Also, wear comfortable shoes. You’ll do a lot of walking, and the last thing you want is sore feet taking away from all the fun you’ll be having!

    Make Dinner Reservations in Advance: Lots of families and full days of fun means hungry crowds, and restaurants tend to fill up fast. Luckily, you can book ahead before you arrive and avoid waiting for a table. There are over 50 restaurants between the two parks, so your options are endless!

    Eat Lunch at Off Times: Naturally, most people visiting the park will choose to eat lunch between 12pm-2pm, which can cause a bit of a bottleneck at the eateries and restaurants. The best way to avoid this is to eat lunch about an hour earlier, or an hour later.

    Bring Snacks and Water: This will save you a lot of money, as snacks from the park are quite expensive. It will also help bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, and keep your energy up throughout the day. Remember, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, standing, and riding, and staying fed and hydrated (fill up your water bottles at the park!) will make you a lot happier, especially towards the end of each day.

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