Disneyland Paris Ticket Guide

Disneyland Paris Ticket Guide

Located just outside Paris, this iconic theme park is a top destination for travelers looking for family-friendly fun and a bit of the timeless magic that only Disney can provide. When you start planning your visit you will quickly realize that there are a multitude of Disney ticket options. In this guide we provide a quick and easy to digest summary of the various tickets available and tips on how to save money.

Pick your Disneyland Paris Ticket

Disneyland Paris offers a variety of ticket options to suit your needs. We have listed the most popular ones, highlighting the key difference.

    1 Day & 1 Park Disneyland Paris Ticket: this skip the line ticket gives you access to one of the two parks. When buying your ticket you will have to choose between visiting the Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park. This ticket is valid for one day.

    1 Day & 2 Park Disneyland Paris Ticket: this skip the line ticket gives you access to both parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, and is valid for one day.

    Multi-Day Disneyland Paris Ticket: this skip the line ticket is valid for two, three or fours days depending on the option selected and gives you access to both parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

    Disneyland Paris Express Tickets and Shuttle Transport: this combo ticket includes round trip transportation from central Paris to Disneyland as well as a skip the line ticket valid for one day. Depending on the ticket option selected you can visit one or both parks.

Save time with Fastpass

All Disneyland Paris tickets include the free Fastpass service, a really convenient system designed to reduce waiting time at rides and attractions. It is very easy to use. Just insert your ticket in the Fastpass machine at the attraction to reserve an entry time. You will be issued a ticket, which will include your reserved entry time. You can then continue to enjoy the park and return to the attraction at this time and enter directly via the Fastpass lane. It’s a great way to avoid having to spend hours in line especially at the most popular attractions.
There are also two paid versions of the Fastpass available: the Super and Ultimate Fastpass. The main difference between these and the free Fastpass is that with the free option you can only reserve one Fastpass entrance at a time, while with the paid versions you get access to attractions via the Fastpass lane, without needing to reserve your time slot in advance.

How much does a Disneyland Paris ticket cost?

The answer to this question is not so straightforward. It depends on a number of factors such as the time of year of your visit, whether or not you buy your ticket online and the number of parks you want to visit. Below we summarize the main features which influence the Disneyland Paris ticket price:

    1. Where you buy your ticket: Buying your Disneyland tickets in advance can really make a difference. If you buy your ticket online, not only will you be able to skip the line, thus saving you time, but it will often cost less. Online tickets are divided into the following ticket types: Mini, Magic and Super Magic tickets. Where the Mini ticket is the cheapest ticket option available and the Super Magic ticket is the most expensive one. While you can only buy one type of ticket at Disneyland’s ticket office, the Super Magic ticket.

    2. What time of year you visit: Due to high and low tourism seasons, Disney has scaled pricing for online tickets based on what time of year you visit the parks. During low season, tickets are offered at lower prices, and even lower if you visit mid-week. While during high season prices are much higher. Online tickets are group into three ticket categories:

      1. The Mini Ticket: this ticket is valid for off-season dates excluding most weekends and holidays. This is Disneyland's cheapest ticket options and it's only available online.
      2. The Magic Ticket: with this ticket you can visit Disneyland Paris on the same days as with the Mini ticket as well as on some more high season dates including some weekends and holidays. The Magic ticket, like the Mini ticket, can only be purchased online.
      3. Super Magic Ticket: this ticket is the most expensive one, but it also gives you the most flexibility. It allows you to visit Disneyland on all park dates available throughout the year, including all holidays and weekends. It is valid for a year starting its validity one day after your purchase. You can buy it online or directly at the ticket office of Disneyland Paris.
      4. If you want to find out on what days you can visit Disneyland Paris on Mini, Magic and/or Super Magic date check the ticket calendar.

    3. How many days you visit: Disneyland Paris is massive, and with so many things to see and do, many visitors decide to visit the theme park over the course of a few days. Understandably, the more days you book your ticket for, the higher the overall price. However, the more days you stay, the lower the cost per day as compared to buying a single-day ticket.

    4. The number of parks you want to visit: Disneyland Paris has two separate parks: Disneyland Park, and Walt Disney Studios Park. Disneyland Park is the more traditional venue, with rides, mazes, a massive arcade, playgrounds, a musical theater and of course the classic Disney characters all over the park entertaining guests. Walt Disney Studios Park, on the other hand, is more of an interactive, behind the scenes experience that brings you close to the magic of Disney movies.
    The Park Hopper Ticket is an all inclusive ticket which provides access to both parks. Visiting both parks, instead of only one, will cost you a bit more but you save compared to buying two individual tickets.

Disneyland Paris Ticket Prices

The table below compares the online ticket prices of the 1 Day 1 Park Ticket with the 2 Day 2 Park Disneyland Paris Ticket. The price mentioned in the table is the price for an adult.

Ticket Options: Mini Ticket Magic Ticket Super Magic Ticket
One Day, One Park Ticket €59 €79 €89
One Day, Two Park Ticket €79 €99 €109

While in the table below we compared the ticket prices of tickets sold directly at the ticket office of Disneyland Paris:

Ticket Options: Adult Child
1 Day, 1 Park Ticket €89 €82
1 Day, 2 Park Ticket €109 €102
2 Day, 2 Park Ticket €179 €165
3 Day, 2 Park Ticket €219 €201
4 Day, 2 Park Ticket €259 €238

  • Child = ticket price from children between the age of 3 to 11 years old

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